We sell, import and distribute high quality toys in Scandinavia

We believe that kids deserve great toys. They should be fun, pedagogic and also made in a sustainable way. Our toys are completely non-toxic, organic and in some cases handcrafted. Tegu Magnetic wooden blocks is made in Honduras by FSC certified wood.

Tegu Blocks are built to foster curiosity. The mystery of magnets offers an experience that starts with marvel and joy. The very first “click-clack” of two blocks coming together sparks an instant magical discovery. Simple magnets and blocks become so much more, and Boundless Play is off and running.

But Tegu is more than just a great innovative toy!

By paying the employees a living wage and prioritizing long-term career growth and development rather than simple task-based jobs, Tegu is bringing world-class employment standards to Central America.

Please, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.